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What is Anal Massage?

Anal massage can be tried by your self or your partner on you to experience the ultimate anal orgasm. It is all achieved through anal stimulation. A partner will do everything when performing anal massage, from licking, fingering, touching, penetrating, and more when it comes to giving an anal massage. As long as it feels good, you can continue with it without stopping!

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How to Do Anal Massage?

As long as you have a butt and you love to have it touched, anal massage can be for you! The thing about anal massage is that it can be enjoyed by both men and women.

An anal orgasm is not the same as a prostate orgasm or a vaginal orgasm. When it comes to men and cisgender people, or people with a prostate, butt orgasm results from the stimulation of the prostate. You can also experience it by stimulating the P-spot through the perineum. This is the patch of skin between the balls and the anus. For more intense orgasms, you can even try direct penetration by heading through the anus.