For recent years, kegel balls have been used to strengthen and improve the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The small weighted balls come in different sizes and are aimed to help contract and release different muscles with ease. Poor and weak pelvic floor muscles can cause problems such as constipation, urine incontinence, and slow bowel movement. Due to the dysfunction in pelvic floor muscles, you may have to strain to defecate and may experience urine as well as stool leakage. This is where kegel balls come into play!

Purpose of Kegel Balls

As discussed earlier, the main purpose of kegel balls is to help strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. With strong muscles, you will be able to defecate easily without straining yourself and also experience an improvement in issues like the urge to urinate frequently.

Kegel Balls are also used for solo sexual pleasure. Once you have inserted the kegel balls, you can grab a vibrator to experience mind-blowing pleasure. You can also use the kegel balls while lying in bed and gently insert them in your vagina. Once you feel the balls inside, you can start squeezing them by constricting your pelvic floor muscles. As you become more aroused and self-lubricated, you can begin to explore your body. Kegel balls are also commonly used in case of two partners, woman with woman or woman with man. You can even explore the different kegel sex positions to experience mind-blowing orgasms!

How to Use Kegel or Ben Wa Balls?

Kegel balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, have received a lot of popularity lately after being featured in movies like Fifty Shades of Grey. They have been in use by people with vaginas. The way to use these balls is to gently insert them into the vagina. The kegel balls come in pairs or a longer string where each ball is attached to the next one with a string, making it easy to pull them out. One part of the string is longer which dangles outside the vagina for easy removal.

What to know about Kegel Balls?

Similar to the different types of vibrators and other sex toys, you will be able to find different variations of kegel balls as well. They are also known by the name pleasure balls and come in different shapes and sizes.

Another favorite Kegel Ball option making rounds is We-Vibe Bloom Kegel Balls. When they come in different weights and sizes, you can experiment with them to choose what works best for you and provides maximum pleasure. Just make sure to use ample amount of lube when you insert or take the balls out. Also, do not insert or pull out the balls at short intervals. Give it some rest, you don’t want to be experiencing vaginal fatigue!