Sex toys have gained increased popularity over the years. Every once in a while, you will read or hear about a new sex toy that has come in the market or is being used by that friend who boasts about it. One of these sex toys is anal beads. Although an underused sex toy, it will take your orgasm from good to incredible! It will spice up your sex life and bring back that lost spark! Here are 6 expert tips on how to use anal beads.

Anal beads are totally misunderstood. If you haven’t already considered using them, you are seriously missing out on so much! They are great for people with vaginas and usually come in sphere, oval, or pill shape. They are made from body-safe material which is easy and flexible to use. The best ones are made from silicone. The ‘beads’ come fixed on a long progressive string which acts as a stopper. It prevents the toy from completely going inside your body and the loop allows you to grip it and insert it and pull it out. The penetration of these beads is quite different from penetrative anal sex. It offers a unique type of pleasure by triggering the sensitive nerve endings that are located around the opening of the anus. When inserted or removed, the anal beads actually stimulate the sphincter muscles, leading to a feeling of pleasure.

Things to Know Before Using Anal Beads

If it your first time using anal beads, go for a relatively skinny set. With time, you will be able to decide what you enjoy the most. You can start with smaller spheres that increase in size gradually. Smaller beads are easier to insert, starting with those that are as little as the tip of your little finger.

Be sure to use lubricant with anal beads Your anus is not a self-lubricating area of the body so the more lube you use, the better experience and comfort you’ll experience.

Use the beads to serve as a support instead of using them as the main gig. They will enhance the penis-vagina penetration when combines with clitoral stimulation. Be sure to insert the beads during foreplay and pull them out slowly as you get close to the climax.

As you start, it is best to explore with the first few beads. Do not insert the entire ring. Most people explore with the first two or three beads to experiment with the sensation. As you experiment, you will be able to tell whether you enjoy inserting them or pulling them out.