Bullet sex toys and vibrators are perfect for precise clitoral stimulation. Bullet vibrators are the perfect go-to sex toy choice for many people. Their discreet size, waterproof design, and silicone handle makes them extremely easy to use. Their small size and discreet feature also make them one of the best travel companions when you have to carry a travel vibrator along with you.

Bullet Vibrators Never Fail To Deliver

The thing to know about bullet vibrators is that they are meant to be used externally to stimulate the erogenous zones, including the clitoris. The good vibrators come with up to 10 vibration modes and they can be used on various areas and body parts including your clit, nipples, and other sensitive spots. Once you are done playing around, you can use the flat end of the vibrator to give you a quick orgasm!

Bullet Vibrators Are Discreet

Powerful and quiet, bullet vibrators can be used discreetly. The vibrators come with a built-in motor to do the pulses and vibrations which is virtually silent. The low levels of noise produced make it super easy to use these vibrators anywhere, at home, in an apartment, at a friends house, or even in a public bathroom.

Speeds and Pulsating Patterns

Most bullet vibrators allow different speeds and pulsating patterns. You can adjust the speed and pulse intensity to enjoy and explore your womanhood. The small size allows you to easily slide them in your purse or bag and take them along with you. The design is also quite discreet and looks like a tube of lippie so no one will even be suspicious or notice that you are carrying one.

Charging Your Bullet Vibrator

Most bullet vibrators come with a USB charging cable. This makes it super easy to recharge the bullet. You can simply plug it into your laptop or USB converter for 30-minutes and you’ll be good to use it. A fully charged discreet vibrator allows up to 1 hour of play.

Bullet Vibrators are Water Proof

The best thing about bullet nipple vibrators is that they are completely waterproof. You can use them in the shower, in the pool, or even in a hot tub without any worry. This makes it super easy to use and clean them as well.

Using Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are popular, especially among first-time sex-toy owners. They are easy to use and they are also not very expensive. This makes them approachable both in design and in price range. If you are a first-time user, make sure you buy a toy which is simple and easy to use. It should also have multiple pleasure settings. Start with a light vibrator or adjust the settings to keep it light. Slowly work your way up and then figure our what suits you best. Adjust the settings accordingly as you play along and explore all the various vibration settings and speeds.